Michael A. Cannon

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28 Hidden Valley Road Blythe, CA 92225-9540
+1 760 922-2333



  • Business and Systems Analysis. Solid understanding of finance and accounting principles. While managing a computer timeshare bureau, I analyzed, specified, and implemented systems for a wide variety of businesses.
  • Problem solving. An extensive background in hardware, software, business, and biology gives a unique perspective, resulting in innovative solutions to problems.
  • Able to quickly absorb and integrate new technologies.
  • Management of personnel for large projects. Experienced with Agile-style development.
  • Good with presentations. Able to integrate technical and business concepts and present them in layman’s terms without losing an audience.


Technical Competence:

  • HARDWARE DESIGN: ASIC, Gate Arrays, DSP, Micro-controllers, PCB
  • SOFTWARE DESIGN: Firmware, Real-time, Operating Systems, Networks, Applications, Client/Server, Database
  • LANGUAGES: C, PERL, JAVA, BASIC, SQL, various Assembly languages
  • NETWORKS: TCP/IP, Ethernet, Wireless, Cellular
  • BIOINFORMATICS: Molecular Biology, Proteomics, Genetics, Cellular Systems



  • Nick Sena: Managing Director of URA Group, New York, NY +1 212 278-8697
  • Robb Harvey: VP Sales and Marketing USA of Entando, San Diego, CA +1 619 977-1746



  • Experienced instrument rated airplane and helicopter pilot.
  • Actor
  • Musician


Special Accomplishments:

Invented and developed the electronic system used internationally for telecommunications by the deaf and hearing-impaired (TDD) and organized its International and Domestic governmental acceptance. The Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare conferred special recognition at a ceremony in Washington, DC. The project was showcased at the Smithsonian Museum for outstanding industrial design. Thirteen patents have been granted for inventions.


Projects 1985 – Present (as a self-employed independent contractor):

2012-2015: Designed and implemented Shopflo Monitor , a reporting system for the service area in automotive dealerships. This is a “cloud” based system that displays a real-time graphic view of all the work in progress in a dealership. It greatly improves efficiency and customer satisfaction. The system uses a unique multi-server/client architecture for high concurrency and is comprised of specially configured hardware and software.


2002-2015: Designed and implemented automated systems to gather and bill metered utility information from commercial and residential building complexes in parts of New York and New Jersey. The system creates data that is web-accessible to clients and the public. The system has billed over THREE BILLION dollars of power and water with no data loss- ever!


2001: Created a forum/blog web-app with database driven dynamic content. The system includes web-based administration programs for editing content submissions and managing the content, log, and membership database tables.


1999-2000: Performed initial research to identify a human gene mutation responsible for early onset of age-related hearing loss. A phenotype was characterized, a pedigree was produced, and linkage analysis was performed. The gene exists on the X-chromosome.


1999-2000: CTO for Quail Creek Group, Inc. Designed a B2B (Business to Business), ASP Internet Website that connected and automated many diverse systems in the construction industry.


1996-2000: Developed a subscription website, The American Business Register. It had a large database containing information on all U.S. businesses. It received thousands of hits daily.


1992-2000: System Administrator and Development Project Leader for the STAR division of American Title Company, a division of Fidelity Title Corporation. Managed a WAN of UNIX computers that performed automated production and accounting of thousands of Title reports daily. Specified and developed new programming as required.


1989-1996: Developed the Frontal Lobe music computer. Wrote a custom disk operating system with a bootable operating system and disk overlays. The OS was designed to perform special tasks frequently required by professional musicians. It incorporated all of the music sequencer features that could previously be performed only on a PC. Thousands of units were sold.


1985-1993: Organized and operated a computer timeshare bureau. Programmed a generic set of applications for general business use, including Order Entry and Invoicing, Inventory and Manufacturing Control, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Journals, General Ledger, and Spreadsheet. These programs are still in use today. Analyzed, specified, and implemented scores of custom systems for a variety of business types. Rewrote a multitasking operating system to significantly increase throughput and number of terminals


1985-1992: Developed the Energyline control computer, originally designed for environmental control of smart buildings and complexes, and now used for power system control and monitoring. Wrote the operating system for the Energyline controller, incorporating the latest operating system technologies such as distributed intelligence, multilevel communications networking, concurrent multitasking, virtual memory, real-time data acquisition, etc. APIs were incorporated into the OS so control programs could be written in a subset of the C programming language, instead of “ladder logic”. Miniaturized much of the design, including a complete microprocessor, so it could be implemented on a custom Integrated Circuit. Thousands of units were sold to major corporations worldwide.