Systems Analysis Qualifications:

Mike Cannon has thirty years of experience in computer systems development, and business management. He has managed software and hardware projects for many organizations. He is an expert in networks, systems, databases, software, hardware, electronic design and control, and has had numerous patents granted.

Mike has created entire corporate structures and interfaced with a myriad of domestic and international government agencies and public utilities. In 1973, as president of Micon Industries, Inc., he invented, designed, manufactured, and marketed the electronic device with which millions of deaf and hearing-impaired people used the telephone (the TDD).

Mike worked with government agencies and telephone companies worldwide to create the International standard of telecommunications for the deaf and hearing-impaired. He worked closely with the federal government and various state public utilities commissions to encourage and develop tariff systems so that the TDD was provided free of charge to deaf and hearing-impaired individuals. In addition, he worked to implement the use of TDD's by federal, state, and local government agencies to enhance the provision of government services to the deaf and hearing-impaired.

The project received special recognition from the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, Caspar Weinberger, at a ceremony in Washington, DC. The project was also showcased at the Smithsonian Museum for outstanding industrial design.

Subsequently, as president of Cannon Research Corp., he pioneered the use of interactive computer timeshare services between 1980 and 1990. At that time, most corporate computer systems used batch-processing techniques for virtually all operations. Mike performed systems analysis on scores of disparate businesses and designed interactive systems that allowed instantaneous database updates. This tremendously increased the efficiency of inventory and accounting transactions, and improved customer interactions.

Mike analyzed and designed software for a wide variety of businesses, including retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, bank and financial, real estate, title companies, medical services, CPA's, attorneys, civil and structural engineers, job shops, and electronic designers. He also designed interactive financial and accounting software, including payables, receivables, journals, general ledger, invoicing, inventory management and control, spreadsheets, financial statements, and financial analysis reports. These packages were of sufficient quality to be used by banks and CPA's.

Mike is also an expert in operating system and network design. Pre-Internet, he designed several LAN's and WAN's, with both single, and multi-point topologies. He worked closely with OS vendors and implemented changes in low-level OS code that improved communication performance and general system security. Frequently, these changes were adopted in subsequent releases by the OS vendors.

In the Internet era, he has utilized the Internet as a vehicle to provide client-server, application server, and project co-ordination functions at a very low cost level compared with private networks. Combining the Internet with current SQL database technology, he has designed large-scale B2B ASP (Business to Business, Application Server Provider) systems, thus replacing outdated standalone and client-server models.